Section 14(1) of the Water Supply and Sewerage Services Act provides that a licence is required to carry on water supply services or services in a water supply licence area or a sewerage services licence area.

Section 26 of the Water Supply and Sewerage Services Act allows the Commission, with Ministerial approval, to exempt a person from the requirement to hold a licence on terms and conditions the Commission considers appropriate.

A Licensing Manual has been prepared by the Utilities Commission to assist persons carrying on operations in the Territory’s water supply or sewerage services industries, or who might wish to carry on such operations, to consider whether they need to hold a licence.

The information contained in the manual is provided for the purposes of guidance only, and not intended to be an exhaustive statement of the law, policies and procedures applicable to the licensing of operations in the water supply and sewerage services industries.

Licence Fees

Licence application fees and the annual licence fee for a particular type of licence will be the fee fixed from time to time by the Regulatory Minister. The fee is an amount that the Minister considers to be a reasonable contribution towards administrative costs


As required by the Water Supply and Sewerage Services Act, the Commission maintains a register of licences issued to water and sewerage entities. A register of exemptions granted under section 26 of the Act, is also maintained. Hard copies of these registers are kept at the Commission’s office and are available for public inspection. Copies of major licences and exemptions can be viewed below.