One of the Commission’s functions under the Utilities Commission Act is the investigation of complaints against licensed entities.

The Water and Sewerage Services Act provides specific involvement for the Commission to resolve disputes in the water and sewerage services industries.

  • Dispute resolution and arbitration is carried out by the Commission in accordance with the Trade Waste Code and section 83 of the Water and Sewerage Services Act. For more information, see Technical Codes.
  • If a licensed entity enters into a special agreement with a person to provide water supply or sewerage services different to those provided for in the customer contract or relevant codes, then the Commission is required to arbitrate any dispute between the parties that may arise under section 47 (7) of the Water and Sewerage Services Act.
  • A licensed entity must develop a customer contract, which must include arrangements for dealing with complaints and resolving disputes under section 47 of the Water and Sewerage Services Act.

It is the Commission’s view that formal complaint mechanisms should only be used where informal methods of dispute resolution have failed. The Commission stands ready to assist any party with a complaint against a market participant on an informal basis.