Section 132 of the Ports Management Act authorises the Commission to make a determination relating to the charges fixed by a port operator in relation to the provision of prescribed services. In making a determination, without limiting section 21(2) of the Utilities Commission Act, the Commission must have regard to:

a) the cyclical nature of the economy of the Territory, including the volatility of demand for prescribed services and, where appropriate, the need to assess returns over a period longer than one year; and

b) the desirability of price stability and the need to avoid price shocks.

Regulation 16(2)(a) of the Ports Management Regulations provide that the determination must use monitoring of the price levels of a prescribed service as the form of price regulation for that service.

The Commission must make a Price Determination relating to the charges fixed by a private port operator in relation to providing prescribed services no later than three months after the operator becomes a private port operator.

The 2015-2018 Prescribed Port Services Price Determination was issued on 16 February 2016. As a price determination for prescribed port services cannot have effect for longer than three years, it expired on 15 February 2019. 

On 13 February 2019, the Commission issued the 2019-2022 Prescribed Port Services Price Determination​, which commenced on 16 February 2019.