The Utilities Commission is required to issue Reporting Guidelines in accordance with section 128 of the Ports Management Act and regulation 14 of the Ports Management Regulations.

The Guidelines set out the requirements of annual reports to the Commission by the private port operator regarding material instances of non-compliance with its access policy.

In making the Guidelines, the Commission has considered the objects of the Ports Management Act and the Utilities Commission Act. The Commission has also had regard to section 6(2) of the Utilities Commission Act and all matters it is required to consider under the Ports Management Act and Ports Management Regulations.

The Guidelines were issued by the Commission on 28 March 2018, and commenced on 2 May 2018 following publication in the Northern Territory Government Gazette.

Consultation on Draft Reporting Guidelines (now closed)

In late 2015, the Northern Territory Government leased the Port of Darwin to a private port operator. As part of this lease arrangement, the Government introduced a regulatory regime that requires the private port operator to establish an access policy.

In 2016, the private port operator submitted an access policy to the Commission for approval. Stakeholders were invited to makes submissions on the draft access policy, which were considered by the private port operator and the Commission. In June 2017, the Commission approved the access policy.

Each year the private port operator is required to submit a report to the Commission about its compliance with its access policy. To assist this process the Commission released draft Reporting Guidelines, seeking feedback from stakeholders.

Submissions on the draft Reporting Guidelines closed on 9 June 2017.

For further information, please contact the Utilities Commission by email or telephone (08) 8999 5480.