Darwin Port Operations Pty Ltd (DPO) was declared the operator of the Port of Darwin under the Ports Management Act on and from 1 July 2015. On 15 November 2015, ownership of DPO was acquired by Landbridge Infrastructure Australia Pty Ltd (Landbridge) as part of Landbridge’s 99 year lease of the Port of Darwin. The change of status of DPO to a private port operator triggered the commencement of the ports access and pricing regime for the Northern Territory. Under the regime the Commission has a role in relation to ports access and price regulation for prescribed services provided by a port operator. That role commenced with the appointment of a private port operator.

The Commission is required to review the access and price regulation regime established under Part 11 of the Ports Management Act and Part 3 of the Ports Management Regulations and deliver a report to the Minister by 15 November 2018. As this is the first review, it is due three years following the commencement of the regime. Subsequent reviews will be five yearly. 

The purpose of the review is to determine:

(a) whether there is an ongoing need for regulatory oversight of access to, and pricing of, prescribed services provided by the private port operator

(b) whether there is a need to change the form of regulatory oversight of access, and if so, how

(c) whether there is a need to change the form of regulatory oversight of prices, and if so, how

(d) whether amendments should be made to the access and pricing regime, and if so, the nature of those amendments.    

The Commission will consult with the private port operator during the review and will call for submissions from stakeholders on both the Issues Paper and the Draft Report. The Final Report will be delivered to the Minister by 15 November 2018. Following the Final Report being tabled in Parliament, the Commission will publish the report on this website. 

Draft Report for the 2018 Ports Access and Pricing Review released – call for submissions

The Draft Report considers the issues that were identified by the Commission in the Issues Paper as well as those raised by stakeholders in submissions and discussions. This report sets out the Commission’s draft findings and draft recommendations and seeks feedback from all stakeholders involved in the ports industry. All interested parties are invited to make submissions on the Draft Report by Friday, 31 August 2018. Submissions on the Draft Report will inform the Commission’s Final Report which is due to the Minister by 15 November 2018.

In the interest of transparency, the Commission will make submissions publicly available with the exception of any confidential information, which includes:

  • information that could affect the competitive position of an entity or other person; or
  • information that is commercially sensitive for some other reason.

Submissions must clearly specify the document (or part of it) that contains confidential information. A version of the submission suitable for publication (that is, with any confidential information removed) should also be submitted. To facilitate publication, submissions should be provided electronically by email to utilities.commission@nt.gov.au in Abode Acrobat or Microsoft Word format. 

Any questions regarding this Draft Report or the review should be directed to the Utilities Commission by telephone (08) 8999 5480 or email utilities.commission@nt.gov.au.

2018 Ports Access and Pricing Review – Draft Report  

Submissions Received on the Issues Paper for the 2018 Port Access and Pricing Review (closed)

As part of the 2018 Ports Access and Pricing Review, the Commission released the2018 Ports Access and Pricing Review Issues Paper​ calling for submissions from all interested parties. The Commission received six submissions from port industry stakeholders, with one submission being made on a confidential basis.

In the interest of transparent decision making, the Commission has now published the submissions, excluding any information that was marked confidential.

Darwin Port Operations - Submission on Issues Paper

Maritime Union Aus - Submission on Issues Paper 

Maritime Union Aus - Attachment

Svitzer - Submission on Issues Paper

Verdant Minerals - Submission on Issues Paper

ConocoPhillips and Stakeholders - Submission on Issues Paper

INPEX - Submission on Issues Paper​