The Utilities Commission of
the Northern Territory

The Utilities Commission seeks to protect the long-term interests of consumers of services provided by regulated industries with respect to price, reliability and quality.


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The Utilities Commission regulates aspects of the Territory's electricity supply industry. The electricity supply industry generates, distributes and sells electricity to Territory households and consumers.

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Water and Sewerage

The Utilities Commission is involved in regulating the Territory's water and sewerage services industries in designated areas across the Territory.

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Contact Us

TIO Building

24 Mitchell Street

GPO Box 915, Darwin, NT 0801

Phone:(08) 8999 5480
Office hours:9.00 am and 4:00 pm
                      Monday to Friday


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The Utilities Commission consults with the general public and stakeholders in regualted industries to promote transparency and accountability in its decision-making process; for the long-term benefit of consumers.

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The Utilities Commission assists consumers and others with information and other services. This website provides the primary means for the Commission to make information available to the general public.

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