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September 13
Generator Performance Standards

‚ÄčThe Power and Water Corporation has submitted to the Commission, and is seeking approval for, proposed amendments to the Network Technical Code and System Control Technical Code to implement new Generator Performance Standards.

In accordance with the Utilities Commission Act 2000 and good regulatory practice, the Commission is undertaking a due diligence process in considering the proposed amendments. This includes, among other things, consideration of stakeholder feedback provided to date to PWC through its two rounds of formal consultation.

The Commission is cognisant of the fact that there is some urgency in finalising appropriate Generator Performance Standards, including to provide all stakeholders certainty. Accordingly, it will publish a draft decision as soon as possible, likely in November 2019.

The Commission's draft decision, when published, will provide stakeholders with an opportunity to submit formal feedback directly to the Commission, which will in turn assist the Commission to make its final decision. Timing for the final decision, subject to feedback and any unknown issues, is estimated to be in February 2020.

Any comments or queries should be directed to Utilities Commission Office at utilities.commission@nt.gov.au or 08 8999 5480.