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February 14
New Electricity Generation Licensee – Trutinor NT Pty Ltd

​The Commission received an application from Trutinor NT Pty Ltd for a licence to generate electricity. The Commission sought comments on the licence application from market participants and stakeholders and two submissions ​were received and considered by the Commission.

On 21 December 2018, the Commission issued a generation licence to Trutinor NT Pty Ltd to own and operate a 12 MW gas-fired power station on the Darwin-Katherine electricity network.

In approving the generation licence, the Commission advised that possession of a licence does not guarantee dispatch, and that System Control will constrain output if necessary to maintain system security and service quality.

All licensees are required to comply with the requirements of regulatory instruments (such as the Network Technical Code and the System Control Technical Code), including any new requirements such as the proposed Generator Performance Standards, that may come into force when instruments are amended, from time to time.

Any comments or queries should be directed to the Utilities Commission email utilities.commission@nt.gov.au​ or phone 08 8999 5480.

Generation Licence –Trutinor NT Pty Ltd​​