The price regulation powers and responsibilities relating to the setting of prices to be paid by network users for the conveyance of electricity through electricity networks are set out specifically in Part 3 of the Electricity Networks (Third Party Access) Code.

As part of the NT Government’s Electricity Market Reform program, responsibility for network price regulation and oversight of network access in accordance with the Electricity Networks (Third Party Access) Act and Code has been transferred to the Australian Energy Regulator with effect from 1 July 2015.

While the Code sets out in some detail the determinations that were required to be made by the Commission in the first regulatory control period, with respect to the second regulatory control period, clause 66(3) of the Code provides that the revenue or price caps that are to apply during the second and subsequent regulatory control periods are to be determined by the Commission in a manner that: 

      1. (a) in the regulator’s opinion, most effectively achieves the desired outcomes set out in clause 63; and
        (b) is consistent with generally accepted regulatory practice at the time.

      2. The Commission conducts all determinations and approvals under the Code in an open, transparent and competitively-neutral manner, by consulting network users, end-use customers, members of the public and all licensed electricity entities that may be affected, directly or indirectly, by the resultant prices.

First Regulatory Control Period

2004 Regulatory Reset

2009 Regulatory Reset

2014 Network Price Determination 

The Commission is in the process of consulting with industry participants and stakeholders on the 2014 Network Price Determination. For more information, see 2014 Network Price Determination.