The Utilities Commission of the Northern Territory (the Commission) approved the 2017 Electricity Industry Performance Code (Standards of Service and Guaranteed Service Levels) (EIP code).  The EIP Code replaces the Electricity Standards of Service Code and the Guaranteed Service Level Code.

The EIP Code and associated Feeder Guideline commenced on 25 October 2017.

The new EIP code follows extensive consultation with industry participants and stakeholders in the Territory’s electricity supply industry, including a consultantion process in March 2017 and August 2017.

The EIP Code (2017) applies to electricity entities operating in the regulated network (excluding Independent Power Producers) and sets out:

  • guaranteed service levels performance indicators and payment levels
  • generation service performance indicators for reporting purposes
  • network service performance indicators (network services) for reporting and target setting purposes
  • retail service performance indicators for reporting purpose. Retail service performance indicators will measure retail performance for customers taking (or likely to take less than) 160 megawatt hours of electricity during the reporting period. Hardship indicators will measure the treatment of residential customers.

For further information on the EIP code visit the Electricity Industry Performance Code page. For further information on the Standards of service Code (2012) or Guaranteed Service Level Codes (2012).