Request for Submissions on Guaranteed Service Level Code and Electricity Standards of Service Code (closed)

The Utilities Commission of the Northern Territory (Commission) is reviewing the Electricity Standards of Service (ESS) Code (Appendix A) and the Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) Code (Appendix B) as it is obliged to ensure codes are relevant and effective. Since the codes were implemented in 2012, there have been a number of market changes, including:

  • the structural separation of Power and Water Corporation (PWC);
  • the entry of new market participants;
  • the introduction of the interim wholesale electricity market; and
  • the adoption by the Northern Territory of certain aspects of the national electricity laws and rules.

Clause 5 of the GSL Code specifically requires the performance indicators, GSLs and GSL payment amounts specified in clause 2.1.4 of that Code to be reviewed prior to the beginning of each regulatory control period applicable to the networks business of PWC. 

PWC Network’s regulatory proposal concerning revenue requirements for the five‑year regulatory control period beginning July 2019 is due to be submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) by February 2018. The Commission is seeking to complete this review of the ESS and GSL Codes by mid-2017 to assist with PWC’s preparation of its submission to the AER.

Amended Codes are expected to commence in the third quarter of 2017.


The Commission sought submissions on the ESS Code and the GSL Code by 24 March 2017. The following submissions were received:


The Commission will make submissions publicly available, with the exclusion of confidential information that is commercially sensitive or that could affect the competitive position of a licensed entity or other person.

Submissions must clearly identify the confidential information. In addition, a version suitable for publication with the confidential information removed should be provided to the Commission.