Proposed Code: request for submissions on Guaranteed Service Level and Electricity Standards of Service Codes (closed)

​The Utilities Commission has released a proposed code, updating the Guaranteed Service level and Electricity Standards of Service Codes. The new Code merges the two Codes together, as there are a number of shared concepts and definitions. The proposed name of the consolidated code is the Electricity Industry Performance Code (Standards of Service and Guaranteed Service Levels).

Submissions were due by 16 August 2017.

The Electricity Standards of Service Code (ESS Code) and Guaranteed Service level (GSL Code) have been in existence for over 5 years. The ESS Code establishes reporting requirements for electricity licence holders, including network entities, retailers and generators. Additionally, it establishes the process that network entities must follow when setting targets for service standards. The GSL Code establishes the guaranteed service level scheme, which sets minimum standards of customer service that network entities (network licence holders) have to achieve. If a network entity breaches this minimum level of service then the network entity has to make payments to customers.

The Utilities Commission of the Northern Territory (Commission) is reviewing the ESS Code and the GSL Code as it is obliged to ensure codes are relevant and effective. Clause 5 of the GSL Code specifically requires the performance indicators, GSLs and GSL payment amounts specified in clause 2.1.4 of that Code to be reviewed prior to the beginning of each regulatory control period applicable to the networks business of PWC. PWC Network’s regulatory proposal concerning revenue requirements for the five-year regulatory control period beginning July 2019 is due to be submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) by February 2018. The Commission is seeking to complete this review of the ESS and GSL Codes by mid-2017 to assist with PWC’s preparation of its submission to the AER. Amended Codes are expected to commence in the third quarter of 2017.

The following submissions were received responding to the Commission's July 2017 proposed code:

The Commission is focused on updating the performance measures and reporting requirements to be consistent with national requirements and to reduce administrative obligations on licence holders to a minimum. 

Next steps

Submissions are being sought on the proposed code from interested stakeholders. Following consultation, Commission staff will revise the Code and seek final approval from the Commission. Once approved, the Code will be implemented and published. Submissions or queries should be forwarded to the Commission at the following:



Charles Darwin Centre
19 The Mall Darwin
GPO Box 915, Darwin, NT 0801

(08) 8999 5480

All submissions should be sent by 5.00 pm (CST) Wednesday 16 August 2017 and clearly indicate any confidential information. A version suitable for publication with confidential information removed should be provided to the Commission.