The Electricity Retail Supply Code was introduced on 3 August 2011 with the objective of facilitating retail supply activities following the introduction of Full Retail Contestability and the entry of retail competition into the Territory’s electricity market.

In May 2013, the Commission made a final decision to amend the Code following public consultation on an application by QEnergy Limited to amend the Code. In amending the Code, the Commission aimed to strike an appropriate balance between promoting a level playing field and facilitating full retail competition, while protecting the integrity of the market and discouraging inappropriate market signals among industry participants and stakeholders.

The Code establishes and sets out the rules for, amongst other things:

(a) the arrangements for transferring customers between retailers;
(b) the arrangements relating to credit support requirements and billing between the network providers, generators and retailers;
(c) the arrangements for metrology between retailers and network providers;
(d) Retailer of Last Resort arrangements; and
(e) a dispute resolution process.

The Commission has also established Credit Support Guidelines under the Code to set out guidelines for credit support requirements between the network providers, generators and retailers.

On 18 January 2016, the Code was amended after consultation with the Minister and stakeholders to clarify that the Retailer of Last Resort is Jacana Energy.

In April 2018, the Commission released a proposed Electricity Retail Supply Code.

Further information on the review of the Electricity Retail Supply Code is available at Electricity Retail Supply Code - Current Reviews.

Service Order Procedures

On 29 August 2013, the Commission approved Power and Water Corporation’s revised Service Order Procedures to take effect from 1 September 2013 for use until superseded or revoked. The procedures set out the service order process and transaction data requirements to be adopted by Power and Water Corporation and other participants in the Northern Territory electricity industry to enable Retailers to request defined services from the Network Service Provider.

Approval of Business to Business Process – Service Order Procedures

Business to Business Process - Service Order Procedures