The Electricity Reform Act confers administrative functions to the Commission with respect to licensing, dispute resolution and general compliance monitoring of the Territory's electricity supply industry.

Compliance Framework and Reporting Guidelines

The Commission in January 2012 released a Statement of Approach on Compliance, which outlines the Commission’s program for monitoring compliance with electricity laws, rules and regulations. The Statement of Approach on Compliance contains the Commission’s risk assessment methodology, monitoring and reporting mechanisms, and enforcement options in response to regulatory breaches.

The Commission’s Statement of Approach on Compliance is applicable to all regulated entities (including Independent Power Producers), and is intended to supplement a regulated entities’ compliance process or framework to ensure compliance with the regulatory framework.

In September 2015, following stakeholder consultation on draft Compliance Framework and Reporting Guidelines, the Utilities Commission issued Compliance Framework and Reporting Guidelines to supplement its Statement of Approach on Compliance.

The Guidelines include, among other things, a requirement for annual compliance reporting, additional information on the reporting of material compliance breaches and an annual declaration from the Board of Directors of each business as a vehicle for elevating the importance of compliance. The Compliance Framework and Reporting Guidelines have been developed as part of a stronger approach to compliance, in line with practices nationally and in other Australian jurisdictions.

In accordance with good regulatory practice, the Commission undertook stakeholder consultation on draft Guidelines released in July 2015, and has published stakeholder submissions (where stakeholders have agreed for them to be made publically available), along with a summary of the Commission’s responses.

The Commission amalgamated the Guidelines with its Statement of Approach on Compliance in February 2016. For the 2014-15 reporting year, the Commission extended the date for submission of the reports to 30 November 2015.