The Commission received an application in April 2016 from Power and Water Corporation (PWC) to amend parts of the Electricity Retail Supply Code (the Code). The Commission has since undertaken an initial round of public consultation seeking stakeholder feedback on the application. The Commission received submissions from PWC, Jacana Energy, Territory Generation (T-Gen) and the Treasurer.

A draft Code and Statement of Reasons containing the Commission’s proposed amendments has been prepared for the consideration of stakeholders. A final round of public consultation is to be undertaken before publication of the final Code.

The following sections of the Code have had significant amendments made:

  • Section 3: Credit Support Requirements
  • Section 5: Metrology
  • Section 6: Market Data
  • Section 8: Customer Transfers
  • Section 10: Life Support Equipment

All interested parties are invited to make submissions on the proposed amendments by close of business on Friday, 1 June 2018.

In the interest of transparency, the Commission will make submissions publically available with the exception of any confidential information, which includes:

  • information that could affect the competitive position of an entity or other person
  • or information that is commercially sensitive for some other reason.

Submissions must clearly specify the document (or part of it) that contains confidential information. A version of the submission suitable for publication (that is, with any confidential information removed) should also be submitted.

To facilitate publication, submissions should be provided electronically by email to in Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word format.

Any questions regarding the proposed amendments to the Code should be directed to the Utilities Commission by telephone (08) 8999 5480 or email

Further information is available at Electricity Retail Supply Code - Current Reviews.