The Commission is committed to a collaborative and cooperative approach to regulation. The Commission will consult with interested parties and stakeholders to promote transparency and accountability in its decision-making process and exercising its regulatory functions under the Utilities Commission Act, Electricity Reform Act, Electricity Networks (Third Party Access) Act, Water Supply and Sewerage Services Act and associated legislation.

More specifically, the Commission may make codes and rules for regulated industries. As part of this process, the Commission is required to:

  • consult with the Minister and representative bodies and participants in the regulated industry;
  • give notice of the making, variation, or revocation of a rule or code to the Minister and to each licensed entity to which the rule/code will apply; and
  • ensure copies of the rule/code are made available for inspection for the public.

The Commission is also required to consult in relation to the approval or setting of network prices under the Electricity Networks (Third Party Access) Act. For more information, see Network Pricing. The Commission will ensure that prices are approved or set in an open, transparent and competitively-neutral manner. The Commission will consult with all relevant parties who are directly or indirectly affected by network prices.

The Commission will also consult if it is deemed necessary, desirable or convenient to carry out any of its functions. This includes any inquiry and matter referred to the Commission by the Minister (consistent with the relevant terms of reference) under the Utilities Commission Act. For more information, see References from the Minister.

The Commission has recently consulted on a number of matters (see the menu to the left of this page).


The Commission maintains a policy of publishing all submissions (excluding confidential information) from interested parties in accordance with the confidentiality requirements under section 26 the Utilities Commission Act. Confidential information is defined as information that could affect the competitive position of a licensed entity or other person or information that is commercially sensitive for some other reason. To access the Utilities Commission Act, see Legislation.

The Utilities Commission Act permits the disclosure of confidential information in strict circumstances only. To assist the Commission in identifying confidential information, the Commission requests that persons wishing to make a submission:

  • clearly identify the relevant sections of the submission that are confidential, so that the remainder of the document can be made publicly available; and
  • provide a copy of the submission suitable for publication with any confidential material removed.

To view all submissions made to the Commission, see Submissions.